Accreditation and CMS Certification Consultants

HealthCon Corp. provides accreditation consulting for health care organizations, including, but not limited to Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC), Indian Health Centers, Student Health Centers and Health Plans. Our services focus on AAAHC accreditation, CMS/ Medicare certification and state licensure. Our consultants are knowledgeable medical and administrative professionals with 20+ years of health care experience. We provide valuable insight and interpretive guidance for organizations facing complex regulatory and compliance requirements.


HealthCon is passionate about patient safety and quality improvement. On the compliance side, we provide guidance on quality improvement activities; credentialing, privileging and peer review; and compliance with licensure, certification and accreditation standards and guidelines, including Medicare certification and Medicare deemed status.


Our consultants are experienced accreditation surveyors, clinical practitioners, and administrators with deep expertise in the administration, operation, accreditation and development of health care organizations. Our team joined HealthCon from the consulting subsidiary of AAAHC, previously called Healthcare Consultants International (HCI).

“HealthCon was invaluable in preparation for our AAAHC survey. I highly recommend them!”

Daniel Lee, DO, FACOOG, New Life Cosmetic Surgery and Wellness Center